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Masterclass 2018
This year's Masterclass will be held on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

Teams, Link Teachers and Business Advisers can book their tickets through Eventbrite by CLICKING HERE.

Meet the Area Team

This is the group of volunteers from business, industry and education who work together to plan the programme of events for Young Enterprise companies in the Grampian area.

Karen Wilson, Manager Finance Operations, Nexen

Area Team Chair

I took part in Young Enterprise in Renfrewshire as an S5 pupil more years ago than I care to admit to! It changed my outlook re a future career and when I found out that my current employer Nexen Petroleum UK were one of the main sponsors of Young Enterprise Grampian I reached out to the then Chair Neil Marchant to see how I could get involved. I've been on the Area Team for a year now and was completely blown away to see how professional the Young Enterprise teams of today are. The incredibly high standard at the YEG Finals in May last year was astounding and I really look forward to a team from Grampian doing really well at the Scottish Finals and hoping to represent Scotland at the UK Finals. 

I've recently taken over from Neil as Chair & I'm very open to feedback and listening to you about how we can improve Young Enterprise in Grampian in the future. You can reach me vi the Contact Us tab or via the Facebook pages with any comments or questions you have. 

Inga Milne, Teacher, St Machar Academy

Area Team Vice-Chair & Link Teacher

I was in Young Enterprise when I was at school, and really enjoyed the whole experience. When the opportunity came up at school to become the Link Teacher I jumped at the chance, and have been involved in Young Enterprise since 2002. I have been lucky to work with teams who have reached the Grampian and National Finals. We on the YEG Board are here to support the Link Teachers and Business Advisers, so if you have any questions, or want to get involved, please get in touch!

Ian Phillips, Chief Executive, OGIC - the Oil & Gas Innovation Centre

Area Team Treasurer

Susan Taylor, Faculty PT Science, Westhill Academy

Area Team Secretary

I was part of Oldmachar Academy's Young Enterprise team as a pupil in 1995-96. When Inverurie Academy asked me to take part in the programme as a link teacher in 2008, I jumped at the chance. I built the programme, with a team of business advisers and teachers, from one team in 2008 to four teams since 2013. The teams have been very successful, with at least one team reaching the final every year, and with several being awarded Company of the Year. In 2009, I joined the regional board, and have been involved ever since. I have since moved to Kemnay, and then Westhill Academy, so am no longer a link teacher, but am still in touch with my colleagues there and often provide advice and support.

Louise Fraser, Student, Robert Gordon's University

Area Team Member

I became part of the Grampian area team in 2016, after taking part in the scheme in my final year at Hazlehead Academy. I was the Managing Director of Chalk It, where we designed handmade chalk boards, coasters and placemats and we were lucky enough to become runners up in the Grampian Finals.
I wanted to become more involved in the scheme once leaving school as I feel Young Enterprise gives young adults an insight into the world of business and they can gain so many vital skills that they can take forward into their future.

Jordan Rowson, Business Development Manager, Cammach

Area Team Member & Business Adviser

I recently joined the Area Team in May 2017, after being involved as a Business Adviser throughout 2016/2017. Fortunately for me, I had first hand experience, in 2007, of being Managing Director of the Oldmachar Academy Young Enterprise team, where we created Dinner Party and Work related ‘Survivor kits’. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of being MD of a Team, as well as a Business Adviser.

Personally, I find that the Young Enterprise programme adds so much value in both personal and professional growth. The same challenges arise in ‘real life’ business as they did in our Young Enterprise team!



Lisa Finnie, Principal Teacher Guidance, Hazlehead Academy

Area Team Member  & Link Teacher

I have been involved in Young Enterprise since 2005, when I became the Link Teacher at Hazlehead. I remember that first year as an extremely steep learning curve, and our company always seemed to be at the last minute with things. Since then, we have had a few teams which have won through to the Grampian Finals. Two of our highlights were when "FabEco" sold out of stock within an hour at the Inverurie Fayre, and when "Chalk-IT" were runners up in 2014.

This is my third year involved with the Area Team, and I am particularly enjoying being involved in some of the IT developments. Yes, I'm a techy geek!

Karen Clark, Project Manager, Elevator

Area Team Member & Business Adviser

Project Manager for Elevator,  delivering programmes and events with a focus on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.   Like to see people making the most of opportunities that come their way,  working hard, playing hard  and giving something back .  Motto: Making It Happen!

Link to Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karen-clark-73039017/

Link to work webpage: http://www.elevatoruk.com/about/

Pam Cradock, Independent Financial Adviser, McHardy Financial

Area Team Member & Business Adviser

I got involved as a Young Enterprise Business Adviser in 2015 and it was shortly after that I was asked to join the YEG Board.  Working with the teams, seeing them overcome challenges and developing their products is really the best part of Young Enterprise.

Mairi McLachlan, Teacher of Business Education Westhill Academy

Area Team Member & Link Teacher

I joined the Area Board in May 2017 although I have been involved in Young Enterprise since 2011, when I became a Link Teacher at Peterhead Academy. Since then I have been involved with over 10 companies and am now the Link Teacher at Westhill Academy. 

I love to see the students learn “Business Management” in a real life situation. It is also amazing to see such an improvement in their skills, in such a short period of time.

Simon Fraser, Project Manager, Elevator

Area Team Member & Business Adviser

Simon lead Scope Innovations, the Harris Academy Young Enterprise team, to the Tayside Finals and then the Scottish National Finals in 2005. In 2006 he joined, and later chaired, the Tayside Area Board before making the move up to Grampian. 

In his day job, he works with high growth businesses on an Accelerator Programme, testing and challenging the assumptions they have made within their business plans and business ideas.

He believes strongly in creating your own luck, and encourages those he works with to take every opportunity presented to them.

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/SimonGFraser/

Moreen Anderson, Principal Teacher, Mearns Academy

Area Team Member & Link Teacher

Ann Johnson, Partner & Finance Director, Blaze Manufacturing Solution

Area Team Member & Business Adviser

Ann Johnson founded Blaze Manufacturing Solutions Ltd, with her husband, Howard, in 2006, and has grown the business from a garden shed operation to a global business with a turnover of £19 million.  Blaze is a major player in the global oil and gas industry, manufacturing and developing fire prevention and suppression systems, safety critical systems and services. Whilst Ann appreciates that a woman owning and running an engineering company is unusual, it is not impossible. Therefore, never assume she is the plus one!

Mark Skinner, Managing Director, Scotsbridge Ltd

Area Team Member & Business Adviser

With a career spanning over 30 years, Mark has built up his solid reputation globally. Before founding Scotsbridge, Mark held the position of managing director at John Bell Pipeline and helped the company achieve growth in sales and expansion internationally. He has created and implemented, successfully, a number of enhanced supply chain and cost efficiency models during his time with the company.

Mark’s passion is business. Having mentored companies through the Scottish Chamber of Commerce over the last six years, he has built upon his industry knowledge and utilised it, allowing him to support and help companies plan for expansion. He is also keen to assist the younger generations into business and has been working with Young Enterprise Scotland initiative in secondary schools.

Areas of Responsibility

Below are the Roles & Responsibilities of the Area Team for session 2017-18.

Area of responsibility
Chair Karen Wilson
Vice Chair Inga Milne
Treasurer Ian Phillips
Secretary Susan Taylor
New School Co-ordination & Networking

Lisa Finnie (Aberdeen City)

Susan Taylor (Aberdeenshire)

Media Relations

Lousie Fraser

Sharon Gray

Jordan Rowson

Lisa Finnie (website)

PVG Processing

Karen Clark

Ian Phillips

Inga Milne

Pam Cradock