Writing the Report

The following documents will help your team to write your Company Report.

CLICK HERE to download the Guidelines and Judging Criteria

CLICK HERE to download the template for writing your report, You MUST use this template. DOWNLOAD and SAVE the PDF document BEFORE trying to edit it. You can then insert pictures and text into the fields. (We have just received a Word version of the template from Young Enterprise Scotland. It is available to download at the bottom of the page. It is best to avoid using Chrome to download this, as it can end up converting to a Google Doc. It will work in Edge.)

We have heard from Young Enterprise Scotland that from now on they will only accept electronic versions of the report for the Finals.  We, at Young Enterprise Grampian, have decided to follow with this advice and teams will no longer have to hand in 5 hard copies of their report.  Please submit your reports electronically to by 3pm on Thursday 1st March.

We are working on some videos to support your teams which will be available on our web page at the end of January, not the 19th as was previously stated.  However, we hope that teams can start the Report writing process before then if they wish.  To support this we have information/guidelines on this webpage.