YEG Final



Practice Event - 27th March 2018 5.30pm - 8pm, Nexen, Prime Four, Kingswells (Sign in sheet available to download at the bottom of this page)

Interviews and practice presentations take place in front of your own team - not to all attending. Link Teachers and Business Advisers are welcome to attend.

Please follow the guidance in the finals below for info re the Interview and Presentation format.

Please bring a copy of your presentation on a USB stick - please note that the presentation must be in either Keynote or Powerpoint format.  No other formats can be used (NB this constraint comes from the audio visual requirements for finals). Teams will be required to hand this over to the Presentation Team on arrival to ensure that the presentation is uploaded in advance of their presentation practice opportunity. 

Companies will have two opportunities to run through their presentation. 

(1) Teams present and then judges/panel give immediate feedback verbally. (no written feedback) 

(2) Practice Interviews, teams present and then answer questions from panel. 

At the practice event, you will also need to tell YEG your chosen music for the finals event - 1 track only. This will be played as your presentation is announced and your presenters go up on stage.

Free time: All teams congregate in atrium or restaurant. Food will be provided. The teams might use this time to consider ideas for a one minute showcase video presentation, to be shown before as an introduction to the team at the finals.

Grampian Finals - 24th April 2018

For the Grampian Finals your Companies are allowed to give a presentation up to 5 minutes long. In the Scottish & UK finals this reduces to 4 minutes.
A maximum of 5 people from each team are able to take part in the presentation. After each presentation there will be a Q&A session in which both judges and the audience may participate.
The companies will also be judged separately on their Trade Stands and there is a separate Interview Panel session.


MDs should complete the MD Questionnaire (available to download at the bottom of this page).  Please submit to by Friday 30th March. (Also, if you would like for the team to be included and messaged directly with future emails please include the email address of the MD.)

Please also complete the attached bio for your company(available to download at the bottom of this page) . This will help the judges and the compere on the night. Please submit to by Friday 30th March.

Finalists must submit a short video (30sec - 1 min max) which covers your team's journey so far.  This will help introduce you and your product to the audience, who might not have come across your business before.  Things to think about for your video - which school?  business name?  what did you do?  something you learned?  Be as creative as you like!  We had some brilliant videos last year and can't wait to see what you come up with this year.  This must be completed in mpeg4 format (only) and submitted to by Friday 20th April. It is recommended that Wetransfer is used as the files may be too large for the email systems.

We would also like to draw your attention to a new award this year.  We feel that it is important to recognise all the efforts that the Link Teachers and Business Advisers put in, so in line with the finals at YES, this year we are having a "Link Teacher /  Business Adviser of the Year" award.  This award is open to all teams, download the nomination form at the bottom of this page. Completed forms should be sent to by Tuesday 17th April - UPDATE This has been extended to Friday 20th April.


There are 4 distinct parts to the Finals. The first part that takes place is the Interviews. This is the most important part of the process now (as its weighted at 40% of the overall score) and all team members are encouraged to be present. However, the Business Advisers and Link Teachers may not attend. The interviews will take place between 2pm and 4pm on the day. Slots will be allocated to separate teams, and while the company is not being interviewed there is time to set up your trade stands and familiarise yourself with the stage for the presentations. If teams would like a specific slot ie early / late then please let us know at the Practice Event.

The second part is the trade stand judging. This will take place after the interviews have concluded, and before the event opens to the public. The judges will visit each stand and ask questions re the products and how your team has worked and learned together over the year.

The final part of the night is the Presentation. We start this with a short introduction to the teams and the video which you've prepared in advance, after which it's over to the teams to present for up to 5 minutes (NB In the Scottish & UK finals this reduces to 4 minutes).  A maximum of 5 people from each team are able to take part in the presentation.  After each presentation, there will be a Q&A session in which both judges and the audience may participate.

For further information re the YEG finals please refer to YE Online, as significant information has already been placed on there with regard to the judging criteria and guidance for success at the finals. As YEG we'll be following the guidance issued by Young Enterprise UK re judging. In particular please ensure that your full team is compliant with the eligibility criteria. 

For 2018 we have the following prizes on offer:-

     Best Trade Stand

     Best Presentation

     People's Choice (will be voted on during the event)

     Link Teacher /  Business Adviser of the Year

     Overall Runner Up

     The Young Enterprise Grampian Company of the Year 2017-2018


Summary of weightings for judging:
Reports - 20%
Trade stand - 20%
Presentation - 20%
Interview - 40%

Just Coastin' video  Finalists from 2017

Grampian Area Finals Event - 27th April 2017